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My approach

No matter if you need help figuring things out, or you want me to critique a multi-staged business strategy, I can assist.

I use the GROW model as a framework for my coaching. We can think of it as a journey taken together by coach and client where we:

  • first get a joint understanding of what is the goal or outcome
  • next examine what is the current situation and the potential obstacles
  • lastly work out some options before making a decision and taking the necessary action steps

I’m also studying for a masters in counselling and psychotherapy. This can bring a unique, rich, psychological perspective to the coaching process. After all, your past affects your present which shapes YOUR FUTURE.

Everybody is different.

Some people need more time at the initial phases; they may know that something is wrong but can’t put their finger exactly on what it is. 

Others want to brainstorm plans; they know exactly what the goal is and how I can best help them get there.

Just as every client is different, so is every coach. Listening with empathy to help guide someone to tune in and listen to their inner voice requires very different skills to building and optimising a complex multi-staged plan.

It’s rare that someone is adept at both ends of this spectrum.

But this is exactly the value I gave as a leader in the IT industry.

And this is exactly the value I offer to my clients today. Bespoke coaching, tailored, towards your unique needs.

So get in touch – whether you need help figuring out your next steps, or you need a consultant transformation manager to help keep your plans on track. It takes just one small step to begin your transformation journey.

Next steps

  • Let’s talk about you and your goals and how I can best help
  • We’ll create a tailor-made plan especially suited to you and your needs

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