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I’ve always been a good listener and I’ve honed this ability through post graduate training in coaching and counselling at Middlesex University.

I listen to my friends, colleagues, neighbours, and clients and I hear them asking fundamental, soul-searching questions such as :

  • I spend more and more time at work … “Am I really fulfilled?”
  • Working from home has solved some problems and created new ones … “Do I have the right balance?”
  • More screen time means less face time … “Do I have enough human contact?
  • It’s not always possible to be authentic at work … “Do I have opportunities to express my true self?
  • The boundaries between work and life are increasingly blurred … “Do I have somewhere I can step back and gain perspective?”

From this broad perspective I can see:

  • Most people have these questions but few people are voicing them out loud
  • Most people think nobody else has these doubts
  • Recent events have amplified these uncertainties
  • Leaders are not immune. Many falsely believe that voicing doubt will hamper their ability to lead


I’ve spent years as a manager and leader in the IT industry (read my story).

My speciality is transformation management. I bring long-lasting, fundamental and valuable improvement to business products and processes.

And I know first-hand that only by focusing on people first and foremost can deep and lasting transformation be achieved.

Bringing all these skills and experience together I now work one-to-one as a transformation coach. I can help you hear what your true self is trying to tell you. Together we can make a plan to transform your life in any or all of these areas:

  • Meaning and purpose
  • Mental health & well-being
  • Relationships – at work and at home
  • Career
  • Work-life balance


I create a quiet reflective space, far removed from the storms of home and office where you can: 

  • Discover and develop your most deeply held goals and aspirations
  • Grow to understand fully where you are today and, most importantly, what is holding you back
  • Channel your creative mind and your concrete mind to inspire ideas and generate plans
  • Enact transformational change with me as your trusted guide
  • Review and calibrate

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