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Life calling?

Thirty years ago I thought I discovered my life calling. As a kid I used to type in BASIC programs from magazines into a Spectrum 48k computer.

It was perhaps inevitable that I took Computer Science at University before landing a graduate job in 1996 as a Java and C++ Software Engineer.

I’ve since spent decades building software generating hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Where has my journey taken me?

I’ve enjoyed a number of roles in small, medium and large companies that included:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile Transformation
  • Training & Workshop Leadership

These roles gave me the opportunity to work with people of all walks of life at all levels in the workplace.

I worked with:

  • Fortune 500 executives – for whom my powers of creative thinking are highly valued
  • Industry Specialists – to whom I provided invaluable pastoral care
  • Veteran Engineers – whose progression I guided
  • Budding Designers– whose ambitions I nurtured and careers I evolved
  • Graduates – whose confidence I carefully instilled

A new calling

As my journey progressed I realised my talents lay not in writing code but in helping people reach their potential. So I broadened and deepened my skills.

I now offer bespoke coaching in a wide range of areas at great depth.

Most recently I’ve been helping:

  • Entrepreneurs make mission-critical decisions
  • Senior managers reclaim career meaning and purpose
  • Technicians find life after redundancy
  • Creatives rediscover their inspiration

I can help

Something really wonderful happens when you are seen, heard, and guided through the coaching I provide:

  • Life takes on more meaning
  • Relationships flow more easily
  • You gain more job and life satisfaction
  • You become more self-reliant
  • Communication becomes far more effective
  • Intuition and creativity blossoms

I’ve helped hundreds of people from all walks of life make hugely beneficial changes in their lives. I know I can help you too.

Don’t just take my word for it. See what others have to say …

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Next steps

  • Let’s talk about you and your goals and how I can best help
  • We’ll create a tailor-made plan especially suited to you and your needs

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