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A highly skilled and pragmatic leader and influencer

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I am delighted to provide my highest recommendation for Mat, having worked with him for more than 15 years. Throughout our professional journey, I found Mat to be a highly skilled and pragmatic leader and influencer, who takes a holistic and empathetic approach to team/project management and problem solving.

Mat fully embraced and pioneered agile working practices in his development group, and led and championed the roll out of those practices across our broader development team (consisting of over 100 people). This work of introducing fine-tuned best practices was transformational in a number of ways. It led to substantial improvement in the productivity of the team by introducing true agility and the elimination of unnecessary work. It increased transparency and measurability with a minimum of overhead due to Mat’s organic systemisation of those processes. It also boosted team morale for the aforementioned reasons, and by providing opportunities for team members to participate in all parts of the SDLC. Mat is an agile expert in two senses. He can join an agile organisation and hit the ground running in assessing, improving, and operating product development processes. He is also hands-on experienced in rolling out large scale modernisation of product development practices.

As a mentor and coach, Mat shines brightly. His compassionate and skillful guidance has helped team-mates and mentees improve their self-awareness, allowing them to recognize their strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations. Mat’s adeptness at navigating ambiguous situations ensures that he applies goal-oriented problem-solving techniques, effectively aligning personal and professional objectives.

His skills in active and patient listening, combined with his analytical nature, enable him to adeptly collect and collate diverse viewpoints, even when they conflict. Mat’s ability to distill complex information into concise and eloquent communication facilitates streamlined decision-making and actionable strategies.

Without hesitation, I recommend Mat for any endeavor he pursues. His holistic approach to leadership, proficiency in agile methodologies, and exceptional coaching abilities make him an outstanding individual capable of leaving a lasting, positive impact wherever he ventures.